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My t-shirts are here! My t-shirts are here!


My fashion sense is impeccable.  I'm a super-hero of good dressing.  As such, I decided that before I had to resort to walking around wrapped up in a blanket, I would replenish my supply of black t-shirts.  It seems my existing set was getting increasingly decrepit.  

Actually, this mission started when I saw the "Faux News" t-shirts at disinfo.com  Like, yeah!

And, since I had just upgraded my copy of FruityLoops Studio, I got myself a FruityLoops t-shirt (they didn't have it in black, for some strange reason!)

 So, having made a little progress, I ran across this site with hilarious cartoon t-shirts,  Their designs bust me up.  Here's what I got...


And of course, I needed a glow-in-the-dark Red Meat t-shirt:


ok, last word, click here to see the one I didn't have the nerve to purchase, to my great shame: