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A Kinder Gentler Laniac

February 20, 2004

Preview of my new CD. Tracks are linked to full MP3's. (Additional tracks were added through July, including my remix of Bush's speech to the Army War College -- Abu Garum.)

Dr. Laniac

Dr. Laniac
A Kinder, Gentler Laniac
01) Crystal Fields  
02) Abu Garum  
03) Waveform  
04) Bring It On (Kerry Rap Mix)  
05) Get Yer Kilt On  
06) A Kinder, Gentler Laniac  
07) Gargelizer  
08) Android Party Machine  
09) Novo Terresta  
10) Floatingness  
11) Lying Ass(croft)  
12) Funk Gitmotar  
13) Arsenic and Electric Lace  
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