Here are my musical projects of the last few years. Downloads of all songs available in MP3 format at the links below.

Dr. Laniac's Bad Attitude
(February, 2006)

 1) Intro
 2) Gray Sunshine
 3) Disappointed
 4) Ballad of Bad Attitude
 5) It's a Beautiful World
 6) Everybody Here
 7) Superfunkotron
 8) Pick up the Pieces
 9) Minor Anthem
10) Gray Sunshine (part II)

Lyrics & Extras:
Intro (video)
Disappointed (lyrics)
It's A Beautiful World (lyrics)
Everybody Here (lyrics)


Solace In Dark Times
(January, 2005)

Mostly ambient, with a nod to early electronic music's feel. Inspired by the failure of the 2004 election to reverse America's slide towards the abyss.

Recommendations: Ode to the Crimson King, Mountains Are Very Large Hills, Swimming at Night, Ping Lah Dee Day, Mental Weather Report

Mad Scientist
(November, 2004)

Soundtrack to an imaginary movie. Sci-fi, atmospheric and cinematic.

Recommendations: Future Primitive Zarathustra, Sitar Star, Engage the Mass Drive
Political Collage
(July, 2004)
Dr. Laniac and emo

A distillation of mid-2004 election year politics in musical wrapping.

Recommendations: Abu Garum, Bring it on (Kerry NH Remix), Zimbardo Experiment Parallel, Ashcroft Threat Level is High

A Kinder, Gentler Laniac
(June, 2004)

Stylistic variations was the theme of this album. Also the source of the first political collages.

Recommendations: Crystal Fields, Waveform, Gargelizer, Get Yer Kilt On
Hazardous Beats

My re-entry to musical composition after a decade's long hiatus.

Recommendations: Land of Night and Dreams, Intensivity, Cars (Laniac version) -- a cover of the Gary Numan song, Techno HipHop -- which for some reason is one of my most downloaded songs.