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Taking advantage of the downtime

January 19, 2006

Well, well. I was hustling to get some things accomplished this morning while the phone rang with calls from various clients. All of them pretty quick and handle-able over the phone or VPN, but threatening to derail my plans. A client's laptop hard drive had died, and I wanted to get it rebuilt and delivered to him ASAP. Plus, I had some errands to run.

So I finished up the work on the laptop and set off to Marin. I didn't make it there. I had a tire incident on my way up 80. I was about due to get new tires anyway, so here I am, sitting at Big O Tires in Berkeley.

Funny thing is, not much has changed from when I'm at home checking the day's news. I couldn't very well leave the client's laptop in the car, so I'm sitting here watching CNN with the laptop and other stuff. I decide to fire it up and play a little freecell. Ha! Unsecured wireless networks are available. Bingo. So, I'm watching CNN, reading the blogs and writing up the latest development.


By the way, did I mention recently how much I dislike Lou Dobbs? Yes, actually, just the other day. Well, it's Lou Dobbs time at the Big O Tires waiting room and like every other day, it's the same stories he always flogs, first and foremost our "broken borders". Ugh. At least he hasn't brought up Curt Weldon's crackpot Able Danger crap while I've been listening. Of course, I was trying to recruit more freeway bloggers and I mighta missed it.