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Doh! I jinxed myself

January 25, 2006

I knew I shouldn't have said anything about my car. The new tires are just peachy, but I got into my fogged up car this morning and rolled the window so I could see the rearview mirror clearly. Hmm, what's that funny grindy noise? So I go to roll the window back up.

Um, not happening. No, definitely broken. Off I go to Marin on a chilly morning with the window rolled down and my eyes watering in the chill wind. It's now sitting in the shop, waiting to see if it's just slipped loose or I gotta pay parts and labor on some overpriced parts.

So, you say: "But you're doing it again, talking about your car."

That's right, it's a double dare. Message to my Civic: Bring it on! You will respect my authoritah!